The Behnoode Foundation was established in 2016 by its founder Behnood Javaherpour. The foundation is based in Paris, France. The foundation is committed to supporting artists with a focus on Iranian, Chinese, and African artists through publications, institution exhibitions, and art residency projects.

The Behnoode Foundation is committed to broadening the artistic experience by developing a creative community and an educational platform globally where young artists with difficulties to access to international arts and cultural programs can present their work and exchange ideas.

The foundation invites artists and curators to participate in cultural and artistic events. The Behnoode Foundation also provides an educational platform for children in Nepal, Iran, and Africa by building schools in these underprivileged areas. The foundation believes that education is essential and its priority is to make quality education accessible to all.

The Behnoode Foundation has transformed a historic architectural site in Kashan into an artist residency space in the hope of creating art projects related to global thinking and arts practice.